How to Get a Great Night's Sleep (Even When Your Partner is Snoring)

Sleeping with a partner in the bed can be a rewardingly intimate experience. It can also be a massive pain in the rear. Check out our tips for the most common partner complaints, and how to solve them!


Snoring is a problem that plagues many couples. In fact, over 90 million people in the United States suffer from that beautiful nighttime symphony. It can be caused by sleeping disorders or could be the result of nasal congestion or blockage. 


Solution: Earplugs, weight loss, and alcohol aversion are all potential solutions. However, snoring can be indicative of a serious sleep disorder, so we recommend going to see a medical professional to rule out this possibility. 

Different Sleep Schedules

You love to be up all night, but your partner is an early riser and proud. How do you manage when your sleep schedules are so different?


Solution: This solution takes some communication. Find a neutral time for you both to wind down and head to bed. Maybe that means you go to bed a little earlier than you might have before and your partner gets up a little later. In the end, you’ll both be a little happier because of the compromise. 

Sheet Stealing

Imagine this: You wake up in the night, freezing cold. You don’t remember being this cold when you went to bed. You roll over to see your partner toasty warm under YOUR side of the sheets. You’ve got yourself a Sheet Stealer. 


Solution: This is tough since when the sheet is stolen, the thief is asleep. Try layering up before you go to bed. Try giving each sleeper their own blanket. This ensures that no one goes cold. 

Too Hot or Cold

You’re cold, your partner is hot, and you just can’t sleep. Before you both fight over the temperature dial, try this. 


Solution: Pick temperature you can both be comfortable at. Experts recommend between 68 and 70 degrees. What 68-70 degrees feels like for you is dependant on how efficient your air conditioner is, so you’ll need to test it. Your room should be a little cooler than it is during the day. We also strongly suggest investing in cooling bedding products. Our Luxury Bamboo Sheets, Pillows, and Down Alternative Comforter are naturally cooling, wicking away moisture and keeping you comfortable throughout the night. 

Getting Up Too Often

STOP MOVING! That’s probably what you want to shout as your partner flips over for the fifth time or gets up to use the bathroom for the third. 


Solution: For bathroom issues, consult a physician as something could be wrong internally. For everything else, advise your partner to get up out of bed and move to another room if they can’t sleep. Use a dim light, read a book (no electronics), and read until they get sleepy. Then come back to bed. 

Movers and Shakers (Pets)

Fluffy has jumped into bed, woken you up, and won’t stop shifting around. Not to mention she took the spot where your legs should be. 


Solution: Don’t allow pets on the bed. They can either sleep in a dog or cat bed on the floor or can be crate trained for nighttime. 

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