4 Tips for Keeping Warm at Night

Maybe it’s the raging winter or maybe it’s an overpowered air conditioner, but somehow you find yourself cold every single night. You’ve layered every blanket in the house, but nothing seems to do the trick. Check out our top four tips on how to keep warm at night and get the sleep you’ve been craving.

Hold hot liquids


This probably sounds a little odd. Just holding hot liquid, not drinking it. There is a reason for this. Holding hot liquid will warm you up, but drinking hot liquid will warm up your insides, causing your body to work harder to expel that heat and ultimately making it harder to fall asleep. 



The easiest way to keep yourself warm at night is to find a cuddle buddy. This doesn’t have to be a partner, or even human. You can cuddle with your dog or cat, or even a large body pillow. Anything you can hold to keep in the heat under the blankets will allow you to stay warm. 

Have a regular sleep schedule


Just like a sleep schedule helps your brain get into the sleeping mood, a consistent sleep schedule keeps your temperature in check as well. When your body knows ahead of time that it’s time to sleep, it begins to prepare itself mentally and physically for a snooze. 

Find the RIGHT bedding


Choosing the right bedding for you is vital to a good night’s sleep. For cold sleepers, we highly recommend our cozy and warm 1500 Series Bedding. Crafted for those chilly nights, the 1500 Series sheets will keep you snug without that gross, sweaty feeling. We also recommend the incredibly comfy Cosy House Down Alternative Comforter. It’s lightweight construction means it keeps you toasty warm without weighing you down. Not to mention the down alternative fill won’t aggravate allergies. It’s easily the best comforter on the market for cold sleepers.

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