Making Your Bed (The Right Way)

Making Your Bed (The Right Way)

Leaving the cosiness of your sheets when you wake up in the morning is a hard task for everybody. The last thing you really want to do is make your bed. Once you do, however, you might often wonder why it never looks quite as good as it does in hotels or in the movies. Is it simply TV magic, or is there a real technique? And how difficult can it really be? 

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. 

Here are 9 easy steps to make your bed look as comfortable as it feels.


The Base

You want your bed to be comfortable and personalized to your needs. Therefore, a mattress protector is the best way to begin. Not only is a mattress protector helpful to conserve your mattress, but it is also beneficial for those with sensitive skins and noses. 

Once you have your mattress protector, we recommend a set of neutral sheets that can match any colour bedding you chose to have. If you are looking for even cosier sleep, duvets place an extra layer of cloud-like comfort and warmth during the night. 

Fitted Sheet

To begin, place the fitted sheet on your bed, making sure to fit the corners tightly on the mattress. Once the sheet is set in place, flatten out any creases and wrinkles left on the sheet. 

Assembling Duvet

After the sheets have been successfully settled, it is time to add a layer of warmth to your bed. To avoid cold nights, a duvet is a necessity. Not only can a duvet help you keep cosy while sleeping, but it can also help decorate your bed, making it look more neat and assembled. 

Place the duvet inside the duvet cover. You can add your own flair to your bed by choosing a fun colour for your duvet cover. Once your duvet is ready, set it on top of the fitted sheet, leaving a small space between the top of the sheet and the head of the bed.

making bed


Once your duvet is ready, head to the foot of the bed. You will begin tucking in the ends of the duvet between the mattress and the base. Make sure you tuck the duvet in smoothly between the two. 

‘Hospital Corners’

To make sure the duvet does not drape onto the floor, you will be making ‘hospital corners.’  You will essentially be taking the leftover duvet that lays on the sides of the mattress and folding it in a triangle form, on both lower corners of the bed. Once you have formed the triangles, you will be tucking those in between the mattress and its base. This process keeps the sheet set in place, helping the bed look more tidy. 


Once the duvet is in place, take the leftover duvet on top of the head of the bed and fold it about halfway into the bed. Lastly, tuck the duvet sides between the mattress and the base. 


When it comes to beautiful bedding, here is where most of the movie magic comes from. Once your linen is completely in place, it’s time to place your pillows in their pillowcases and set them on the bed. In order for your bed to look even more comfortable and full, add loads of pillows. Typically, two to three sets of different-sized pillows add dimension to the bed. 

To add even more cloud-like comfort, bamboo viscose pillows can make a significant difference to your sleep quality. Their hypoallergenic qualities keep them cool and breathable, while keeping the same effect on your bed decor! 

 made bed

Throw Blanket

To make your bed look even more assembled, add a throw blanket for decoration and warmth. Simply add a half-folded throw blanket across the bottom of your bed, either horizontally or diagonally across the bottom edges, and watch your bed transform into sophistication. 

Final Touches

Make sure your bed looks exactly how you want. Make the final touches by smoothing the wrinkles out of your sheets and placing your pillows exactly where you want them. And voila! 


Not only do you want to make your bed look good, but also feel as comfortable and cosy as possible. Optimise your sleep quality while enjoying the art of making your bed. 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil