A Guide to Sharing The Bed Comfortably With Your Partner

A Guide to Sharing The Bed Comfortably With Your Partner

Going to bed with your partner can be one of the most relaxing parts of the day. Sharing the bed with your partner stimulates feelings of bonding and solace, and can release chemicals in the brain (like oxytocin, dopamine, and/or serotonin) that ease anxiety and even lowers blood pressure [3, 4]. 

Other couples need their space and relish unwinding on their own. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone - many findings report that a large majority of Brits either prefer sleeping alone or just need more space at night [5]. 

But, keep this in mind - if your love language isn’t physical touch, even just sharing the bed with your partner can improve your quality of sleep. 

Keep reading to learn some tips on how to get comfy whether you’re a cuddle connoisseur or a ‘give-me-my-space’ kind of lover. 

Set A Cuddle Limit or Snuggle Up

Do you and your partner love to cuddle up? Well, here’s some great news - there are a lot of health benefits: improved mood, pain relief, stress, and anxiety relief, lowered blood pressure, immune system boosts, and feelings of contentment and satisfaction [3]. 

Falling asleep while cuddling can not only be romantic but can help some couples fall asleep faster and sleep better, longer. On average, couples will cuddle for a total of about 50 minutes before hitting the hay [4]. So, snuggle up, lovebirds!

Other couples, on the other hand, need more space to experience better sleep. This is where setting a cuddling time limit may come in handy. Sleep is non-negotiable when it comes to your health, so communication and compromise are key to determining a time limit for those snuggles. Discuss your sleep goals with your partner - How many hours would you like to sleep each night? What helps you fall asleep faster, longer? Think about your love languages, too - Is one of you more oriented toward physical touch? Are both of you? 

Go Up One Size in Your Duvet

Maybe you or your partner is guilty of stealing the sheets or taking up all the legroom on their side of the bed. Maybe you aren’t one for intimate touch. Everyone differs in the extent to which they are comfortable with physical touch, and every relationship is different. 

If you’re fighting for space, it might be time to invest in a bigger duvet, especially if you and your partner lean toward the ‘me’ time side of things when it comes to sharing the bed. 

We recommend our luxury duvet and luxury duvet cover for the best night’s rest!

Freshen Your Sheets

Maybe you or your partner have sensitive noses. Maybe one or both of you snack in bed regularly while binging the latest Netflix show. Maybe it has been one of those crazy, long days at work and you go to bed without showering. Whatever the case may be, you should be changing your bed sheets regularly to boost personal hygiene and to maintain comfort between you and your partner, too. 

And here’s a pro-tip: the warmer the water you wash your sheets in, the fresher they’ll be. But always make sure to read the cleaning instructions for your bedding. Change those bedsheets weekly! Your bed can accumulate a lot of icky particles, like dirt and oils, that you don’t see. 

Ditch one-time-use fabric softeners, and make sure you're using Natural Wool Dryer Balls in your washing regimen. Our extra-large Wool Dryer Balls are the best way to soften and freshen your laundry. Sourced from humanely sheared New Zealand sheep, our Wool Dryer Balls are hand-felted, biodegradable, and free of dyes, chemicals, and fragrances. They reduce static, wrinkling, tangling, and drying time by 30%, making doing laundry a breeze!

For maximum comfort, we recommend our luxury bed sheets. Our fabric is breathable and lightweight and has thermal-regulating properties that will balance your body’s temperature. 

Sleep Positions and Pillows

Experts say that the most beneficial sleep positions are on your side or your back. However, different positions can help various health conditions, such as back pain [1,2]. Whether you’re a side sleeper or even a stomach sleeper, all you need is the right pillow. 

When sharing the bed with your partner, you will need pillows that will distribute your weight evenly and provide extra support for whatever your sleep position may be. We recommend our luxury pillow. Made with a premium bamboo viscose blend, this pillow is ideal for any type of sleeper, providing a cool and lofty feel while cradling both the neck and back. 

Agree on Bedroom Temperature

Communication in any relationship is important. To figure out what makes you comfortable before you go to sleep, you should talk to your partner about the best ways to achieve that comfort. One of the things you could talk about is changing the dial on that thermostat.

Experts contend that 20 to 21 degrees Celsius is best. Thermoregulation during your sleep cycle helps you stay comfortable while also helping you get better quality sleep [6]. Talk to your partner about what temperature is the most restful and pleasant for both of you. 

Setting the Mood

How do you set the mood for comfort? It’s simple. 

Find pillows, sheets, comforters, and blankets that best suit you and your partner’s individual needs. Does your partner need a firmer, heavier blanket, and you need something soft and lightweight? Easy. We recommend for your partner our weighted blanket and for you our luxury duvet.

Another important aspect of setting the mood in the bedroom is style. You can keep your shared space with your partner both stylish and comfy. Plush, fuzzy blankets, area rugs, cosy bed sheets, and even luxurious duvet covers that are uniquely knit are perfect for adding this touch to your room. Dimming the lights to wind down before bed is also a great way to keep things low-key. Click here to get a feel for some bedding decor ideas that will keep you and your partner comfy and “in the mood” for a good night’s rest. 

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If you found this blog post interesting and/or helpful, comment below and let us know some ways you’ve perfected the art of sharing a bed with your partner. The Cosy community would love to hear from you!


    Marge Hynes

    Written by Marge Hynes