Why You Should Swap Your Sheets...

Why You Should Swap Your Sheets...

It’s not rocket science, but typically we overlook the significant details when choosing bed sheets that promote serenity and deep sleep. Sleeping in the right sheets plays is pivotal to our quality of rest – either keeping us cool, clean, and dreamily comfortable, or trapping us in a sweaty cocoon that’s hot and odorous. Personally, I prefer the first!

Like most people, I base my decision off of fabric type and price point. Fabrics are mainly categorized in two ways: natural material (cotton) and synthetic material (microfiber). Believe it or not, both cotton and microfiber sheets have low-quality versions and luxury versions. I’m definitely guilty of associating cotton fabric with higher quality, but I was shocked to find out that that’s not the case.

Did you know that the average retail markup is 4x more expensive than the product’s really worth? Some products are more expensive because they’re truly great; others have a steep price tag because they’re costly to produce. In the sheet world, this has nothing to do with how soft they feel or how they perform. For example, cotton sheets are expensive to make. There are a lot of costs that come with growing, farming, cleaning, and distributing the cotton to the factories before they can be woven into fabric. Those costs all get tagged onto the final price of the product that customers pay for ($147 for a set of sheets seems a bit steep now, doesn’t it?). Microfiber is typically less expensive NOT because it’s lesser quality, but because it is a man-made fabric that costs less to produce. It’s no secret that microfiber sheets have gotten a bad reputation as cotton’s lesser-quality alternative. But I’m willing to bet that if that’s your belief, then you haven’t tried “smart” microfiber sheets. Be warned, because this modern fabric is nothing like its substandard counterpart.

When it comes to bed sheets, there are great benefits to choosing high quality microfiber fabric over cotton fabric because they’re specifically engineered for better sleep and optimal health. Like I said, there’s regular microfiber and then there’s “smart” performance microfiber which wicks away sweat, moisture, bacteria, allergens, and keeps you freshly cool all night. It’s also usually “double-brushed”, so that they feel soft as silk. This is the kind of microfiber that deserves to be on your bed.

After years of splurging on ever-popular Egyptian cotton, I learned that high quality sheets actually don’t have to be expensive (or made from Egyptian cotton) in order to feel extremely luxurious. I was surprised to find that high quality, “smart” microfiber is SOFTER and COOLER than cotton! I’d tried microfiber sheets in the past, and clearly they were not advanced like these ones, because for years I’d thought microfiber was cheap and scratchy! But the double-brushed microfiber sheets I’m about to recommend to you are hands-down the best sheets I’ve ever put on my bed. They come from a small company on the Amazon top 100 Sellers list – and for good reason. The brand is called Cosy House Collection and they are so indulgent and insanely affordable- only $47 for the entire sheet set. I ordered the 1500 Series sheets in white and I fell in love instantly. The material, quality, color, and fit of the sheets are perfect. I’ve never slept better on any other sheets that I’ve purchased and that price point of $47 is unbeatable for how soft and cool they are.

Can I tell you the best part? These sheets got rid of my night sweats! I used to lie in bed, drenched in sweat, but these sheets keep me crispy cool throughout the night. They also don’t wrinkle or get dirty easily, which means less laundry for me! The Cosy House website says their hypoallergenic sheets are designed to wick moisture to eliminate the growth of bacteria and germs, which is a huge problem with cotton sheets since they absorb moisture. It’s really nice to know that when I’m slipping into my bed, I’m not also slipping into a breeding ground of dust mites (and not to mention, dust mite feces).

It’s been about a month since I first purchased these sheets and I can confidently say that Cosy House will be my go-to for all bedding essentials from now on. I just ordered a few more sets in different colors so that I’m never without them on my bed! They have so many beautiful color options, I was tempted to by a set in every color since they’re less than $50. Thankfully, my self-control kicked in.

The Cosy House website highlights these features as the top selling points for their 1500 series and I can vouch that they are 100% accurate!

1. Resists Stains, Odor, & Wrinkles

Our silky soft sheets are woven with advanced lab technology and are designed to repel stains and wrinkles.

2. Crisp & Cozy

Thermal-regulated microfibers keep body temperature in balance, no matter the season.

3. Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

They prevent bacteria, germs, dust mites, and allergens from growing to keep your skin and sinuses clear.

4. Long Lifespan

They resist ripping, piling, and tearing with sheets made to last the long haul. We don’t compromise durability for softness, though.

5. Luxurious Look & Feel

Premium double-brushed microfiber is designed to feel and look sleek and smooth like Egyptian cotton.


When sheets feel like they should cost more than they do, you have to wonder how such a great savings have fallen upon you. So to make sure I wasn’t being bamboozled, I contacted Cosy House to inquire how they’re able to sell their sheets for such a reasonable price. Their friendly customer service representative got back to me just minutes later and explained their whole mission:

They’re able to make and sell beautiful home essentials at a wholesale level price by cutting out the middlemen. Cosy House decided to skip those crazy costs like wholesale, storefront, and designer licensing fees to guarantee that all of their asking prices are going towards the quality of their products and nothing else.

I fell even more in love. It was so refreshing to work with a company that actually valued a fair and humble business model. I also learned that their sheets are designed and shipped from Clearwater, Florida by the company themselves. They’re a family-owned and operated company who’s been crafting luxurious bedding for decades now and only use Amazon and their online store to sell their products. I highly recommend trying Cosy House for sheets that will give you a better night’s rest and save you a big chunk of money! Their whole site is 65% OFF right now and they do sell out fast – so hurry, if you’re considering giving them a try. I hope changing your sheets to Cosy House helps you as much as it did me!

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