Top 5 Best Cooling Bedding Products

Top 5 Best Cooling Bedding Products

Tossing and turning in the middle of the night, burning up under hot, heavy blankets, and losing precious sleep is an all too frequent occurrence for many people. This problem doesn’t have to be a problem. Keep reading for our list of the 5 best cooling bedding products to make your sleep a peaceful one!

1. Bamboo Sheets

Product: Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

Material: Bamboo rayon and microfiber blend

Best features: These sheets are naturally wrinkle, odor, stain, and piling resistant, as well as hypoallergenic and machine washable.

How does it cool? : These bamboo sheets are the most breathable on the market. That breathability allows them to stay cooler than cotton, enhancing the thermo-regulating properties that help balance your body’s temperature as you sleep.

2. Bamboo Pillow

Product: Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Material: Bamboo fabric casing

Best features: Unlike a traditional pillow, the Luxury Bamboo Pillow is multi-layered for maximum comfort. The bottom layer is made of certiPUR-US high density shredded memory foam to relieve pressure and hold shape. The middle layer is adaptive transition foam which provides support to the head and neck. The top layer is the hypoallergenic bamboo pillow casing which is anti-bacterial and odor resistant.

How does it cool? : The cooling power is all in the bamboo casing. While the pillow itself protects and cradles your head and neck, the bamboo fabric puts in the work of cooling and wicking away moisture, allowing for a cool and comfortable rest.

3. Down Alternative Comforter

Product: 1500 Series Down Alternative Comforter

Material: Microfiber with a polyester filling

Best features: Our mid-weight down alternative comforter is made of plush microfiber for premium comfort. With neat box stitching, it’s designed to always look perfectly fluffed.

How does it cool? : The answer is in the name: down alternative. Unlike a down comforter, this comforter is not only made of breathable microfiber, but filled with allergen-free polyester that doesn’t clump or shift. This keeps the comforter’s shape, while allowing air to pass through, keeping you cool throughout the night.

4. 1500 Bed Sheets (Microfiber)

Product: 1500 Series Bed Sheets

Material: Double-brushed microfiber

Best features: These sheets are made from ultra-tight knit microfiber that is stronger than cotton, as well as stain, fade, wrinkle, and dust-mite resistant. The fitted sheet features a deep pocket that can fit up to 16” mattresses.

How does it cool? : Similar to the down alternative comforter, the light-weight microfiber fabric is more breathable than cotton, keeping your body cool as you rest easy within the soft folds of the sheets.

5. Bamboo Duvet Cover

Product: Luxury Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Material: Bamboo rayon and microfiber blend

Best features: Hypoallergenic and dirt and bacteria repelling, this silky soft bamboo duvet is the perfect finish to any bed.

How does it cool? : What’s amazing about this duvet cover is its cooling, moisture-wicking fabric. Pairing it with the 1500 Series Down Alternative Comforter puts the duvet in its element, and gives you the best chance for keeping cool during the night.

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