How To Use Colors To Boost Happiness & Relaxation In Your Bedroom

How To Use Colors To Boost Happiness & Relaxation In Your Bedroom

Too many of us dive head first into dessert when when we’re feeling low about life. If you’d like an alternative plan to boost your mood on the daily, try this interior design/self-care hack that will (literally) color you happy.

Have you ever thought about how interior designers curate their homes for ultimate happiness and relaxation? Mood-boosting color combinations are a great way to create a space that you'll be dying to spend time in. In fact, color therapy is a powerful design tool that every one of us can easily take advantage of! Modern research shows that different colors have a major impact on us, physically and emotionally. And since the bedroom is the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see at night, the colors we choose to use really matter. We’d dare to say it’s crucial to setting the atmosphere of your space.

Ask yourself: “am I cheating myself out of living in my happiest possible environment?” If you’ve established that your boudoir doesn’t live up to its full potential, start by analyzing how you want it to feel and choose to incorporate colors that promote that atmosphere. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you nail that part down so you’re well on your way to an inspired home that brings you more joy and relaxation every day.

Ready, set, let’s color!

Colors And Their Qualities

Color is key to creating a harmonized room. Just like too much rain drowns the flowers, too much of certain colors can cause negative effects. Interior designers swear by the tried-and-true 60-30-10 rule to concoct perfect color palettes that anchor down all the vibes. Here’s how to use it: the main color for your room will be the 60%, most likely the walls or area rugs or even a sofa or bedspread. The 30% is the secondary color, half of the amount you used of the first color. This could include drapes, accent chairs, maybe even an accent wall. This second color supports the main color but is different enough to give the room interest. The third color will be used at 10%, in throw pillows and decorative pieces like lamps or candles.

What mood do you want to create? Which colors will help you achieve that mood?

Thanks to Color Psychology, we can easily identify the ideal colors for evoking serenity and joy in the bedroom. Here’s the research, made pretty - we think you’ll be inspired.

BLUE and all of its hues work so well in bedrooms because it’s the space where you withdrawal to relax at the end of the day. Blue is a great choice for a main color and pairs best with neutral colors.

GREEN is well known for symbolizing nature and growth. Signifying abundance and hope, green mixes perfectly with blues, whites, and other neutral colors and is best used as a secondary or tertiary color. A simple way to add green hues to your color palette is with natural plants, succulents, and cacti.

RED is a very powerful color, so you only need just a dash of it. It’s best used in small amounts as a tertiary color because too much red can cause unease and irritability. An easy way to use red is in small decor pieces to ignite energy and love in the space.

PURPLE symbolizes luxury and provides a sense of retreat and relaxation. These hues also promote focus and creativity, which makes it a wonderful choice as the main color for your bedroom. It pairs well with neutrals, too.

YELLOW will bring a bright and sunny start to your day when used in moderation. Too much yellow can add too much spunk to a bedroom though, so it’s best used as a secondary or tertiary color. Yellow is an all-around team player and can compliment about any color when used in balance.

Perform A Personal Assessment

Before choosing your colors, do a little personal assessment of how each color uniquely impacts you. Do you feel drawn to certain colors and resistant to others? Use this to guide you in bringing color into your bedroom.

Once you’ve nailed down what feeling or energy you want for your bedroom, use color as your starting point. Let it influence your choice of furniture, fabrics, paint, and accent pieces to create the atmosphere you desire most. You don’t have to do a complete design overhaul to have ideal ambiance in your bedroom. Simply updating the color of your linens, hanging plants, or adding rugs and small decor pieces could be enough to do the trick!

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