How to Properly Fold A Fitted Sheet and 3 Biggest Bed Making Mistakes

How to Properly Fold A Fitted Sheet and 3 Biggest Bed Making Mistakes

When it comes to making a fresh bed, there’s really nothing worse than opening the linen closet to see a crinkly, balled-up fitted sheet that reminds you of the struggle you had trying to fold it. But it’s not like you didn’t try! Truth be told, folding fitted sheets is one of life’s most frustrating mysteries. But thankfully, all you need is a tried-and-true method to help this process become second nature. And once you learn how, you’ll reap the benefits of wrinkle-free sheets, extra space in your linen closet, and mentally feeling more accomplished and organized. If you’re ready to finally master folding fitted sheets like a pro, follow our quick and easy guide that can be done in five, stressless steps! Then, we’ll uncover the three biggest bed-making mistakes that might be ruining the entire end result.

Note: for a totally wrinkle-free experience, do this technique when your linens are hot and fresh out of the dryer!

Step one: find the top two corners



Turn the sheet inside out and position the sheet so that the long sides of the sheet are going towards the floor and so the opening of the sheet is facing you. Place the top two corners are in your hands (the short side of the sheet between your hands).

Step two: fold the sheet in half and tuck the corners



Hold the top two corners of the sheet with your hands from the inside directly at the seams. Tuck one corner into the other flip it so it’s right side up. Both corners should now be in one hand.

Step three: flip sheet and repeat




Turn the sheet 180 degrees so that the two previously bottom corners are now at the top in your hands. Holding the corners of the sheet from the inside at the seams, tuck one corner into the other and flip it so it’s right side up. Both corners should now be in one hand.

Step four: grab both corners and tuck one into the other



Tuck one corner into the remaining corner. Now all the corners will be in one hand and the sheet’s shape should be between a square and a rectangle.

Step five: Fold smaller until desired size




Lay the sheet down on a flat, clear surface. Fold the sheet in half directly down the middle. Continue folding in half until you reach the size you want! You can store this perfectly squared sheet inside your pillowcase to keep them in a set.

Avoid These Common Bed-Making Mistakes!


Now that we’ve established how to fold your linens in a way that sets you up for bed-making success, let’s talk about NOT to do when actually making your bed!

  1. Not Matching Up Corners

Do you know which corner of your fitted sheet matches the corners of your bed? Yes, there’s more than one wrong way to match up corners! This is a big fail that can lead to your fitted sheet slipping off throughout the night. However, the inside corner of the sheet that has a tag sewn to the inside seam belongs on the bottom left corner of the mattress. “Left” is based on your view when you’re lying in bed on your back.

  1. Making Your Bed Immediately After Rising

While it feels good to check one thing off your morning to-do list, making your bed right after you wake up is actually the worst time to do it. It seals in the sweat you created in the bedding overnight, which promotes dust mites and bacteria. Try leaving your bed unmade for an hour or two (if you can) to let it breathe. This will help dry up the moisture and keep your bed fresher longer!

  1. Finishing It Off With Non-Washable Throw Pillows

As good as that pile of decorative pillows looks, if they’re never able to be washed, they are transporting oil, dirt, and bacteria back onto your freshly made bed. This can be bad news for your skin, allergies, and sleep quality. If your throw pillows can’t ever be washed, they’ll really only be good for three weeks at most. To get the look you want without sacrificing your health, try washable throw pillows with the removable decorative cover that’s also washer-friendly. Make sure to wash them at least once every three weeks! As an added layer of protection, you can also cover all of your pillows with protective dust mite covers.

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