How Firm Should My Pillow Be?

How much do you think about your pillow? All the time? Never? Most people put little thought into their pillow even though it plays a pivotal role in your sleep process. It cradles the head and neck, working to keep your spine aligned. If the pillow is that important, how do you know which one will meet your unique sleeping needs? That’s what we’re for! 

When do you get rid of your pillow?

Pillows, just like any product, get worn down over time as they get used. For most pillows, you’ll want to change it every 2 to 4 years. This time frame can vary based on the construction, materials, and use of the pillow. If you aren’t sure if your pillow should be replaced, there are a few signs you can look for. 

  • Permanent staining
  • Lumps that won’t dissolve
  • Sneezing 
  • You wake up tired and achy 

Though each pillow may be different, the general rule of thumb is that if any of these signs are consistently present, it’s time to change your pillow. 

What kinds of pillows are there?


Ok, so you’ve decided to change your pillow. What’s the next step? 

When choosing a pillow, you first need to know what type of pillow you want. There are several different kinds to choose from and each have pros and cons. 


Feather pillows are typically stuffed with goose feathers, leading to a very soft and squishy pillow. Depending on the quality, the price could be as low as $10 or as high as $250. 

While they’re known to be fairly comfortable pillows, they don’t come without flaws. Feather pillows have been known to emit a foul odor. In addition to the smell, they start to lose shape and must be reshaped frequently. Owners also note that the quills from feathers can sometimes poke through the fabric and hurt your skin. This is not the pillow for those with allergies!


Down pillows are very similar to feather, but instead have a mix of fluff and feathers. This makes them very soft and lightweight. However, you will still need to fluff the pillow to maintain its shape. Down and feather pillow also have an issue when it comes to cleaning as the filling can clump together when wet and take ages to dry. Those with allergies should be cautious. 


Down-alternative pillows offer the same comfort of a down pillow without the problems that come with a feather fill. The filling is typically a synthetic fiber like polyester that can mimic the cushion of the down mixture. This is a great alternative pillow for anyone suffering from down related allergies. There are also various firmness levels which make it a more versatile pillow. 

Memory Foam

Over the years, memory foam pillows like the Cosy House Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow *insert link* have become increasingly popular. Not only do they hold their shape over time, they mold to the shape of the sleeper. This means that no matter what kind of sleeper you are, you are more likely to have a restful night. The breathable material makes the pillow cooler than others as air can more easily pass through. On top of that, the pillow is adjustable, so you can sleep the way you want.

What firmness level should I get?

So, you’ve picked out the type of pillow you want, but what about firmness? How much of a role does firmness play in the sleeping process? Surprisingly, it plays a major role. Like I said in the beginning, the goal of a pillow is to cradle the head and keep the spine aligned. Depending on how you sleep, the firmness will vary. 

Side sleeper


Side sleepers need a firm density pillow. This is because when you lay on your side, your neck strains down to the bed as your head hangs. To prevent this strain, get firm pillow that can hold your head level to the rest of your body. 

Back sleeper


A medium density pillow is best for back sleepers. Laying on your back gives your spine the best chance for total alignment with little help. A pillow that is too hard place your head above the spine. Likewise, a pillow that is too soft bring the head lower than the spine. 

Stomach sleeper


The goal of a stomach sleeper should be to stay as flat as possible. Similar to the back sleeper, you want your head and neck in line with your spine. Since your body is sinking down into the mattress, pair a softer pillow so that your body sinks equally. 



But what if I toss and turn and don’t stick to one sleeping position? I hear you, and there’s a simple solution. Sleep with a medium density pillow. By putting yourself right in the middle, you have the best chance for comfort no matter the position you land in. 


No matter your sleeping position, you deserve a pillow that is going to keep you comfortable and give you a restful night’s sleep. A pillow that is adjustable like the Cosy House Bamboo is a fantastic option since it is adjustable. No need to buy multiple pillows to achieve the comfort of your dreams.

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