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Picking the correct bedding & getting a good night's sleep relies on three key points: Comfort, Temperature control & Value for money.

Most people are likely sleeping in cotton, flannel or polyester bed sheets which are a popular choice because of value or lack of knowledge. Bamboo bed sheets are a relatively new product which has started gaining popularity this year because of their superior benefits. The majority of Bamboo bed sheets come with a hefty price tags because of their quality, however, we discovered the company 'Cosy House Collection' that have been creating waves on social media and in the news with their high-quality Bamboo bedding that comes with a ridiculously low price tag!

We ordered our first set of sheets, purple in a size King to test their bedding & see what everyone was talking about!


On their website they outline their 3 main features which are Comfort, Temperature control & Anti-Bacterial/Allergy benefits. And honestly, they ticked all 3! The sheets arrived 24 hours after purchasing & went straight on my bed. I can attest - these sheets are incredible, and I wasn’t aware just how much a good set of bed sheets can improve your sleep, I’ve never slept better and these bedsheets really put everything I do daily into question, what else am I missing out on?

I woke up feeling clean & fully rested, I wasn't too hot or too cold throughout the night. There's no better feeling than a fresh set of sheets on your bed, even after a week they felt clean & soft! On their website they talk about how the bedding has anti-bacterial properties and can stop bed bugs and other bacteria. The bamboo has the ability to absorb any humidity under the covers which is usually an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. I know when I sleep in my normal bedding I sometimes wake up feeling a little sweaty or dirty, I could honestly feel a difference sleeping in the bamboo sheets.


We personally reached out to 'Cosy House' to share our review and get a little more insight into their company. The company’s owners told GreatLifeTips it’s been a busy year & they've been growing like crazy. “We set a few initial goals that were quite small and figured our word of mouth marketing plan would take a few years at least… to our surprise, it took off like a rocket! Once customers got our bedsheets on their bed they couldn’t tell their friends and family fast enough, we’re truly grateful.” – The reasons for Cosy House’s explosive growth is simple. Customers love their bed sheets – how they feel, the color options and the tremendous value they are getting as most sets start at just $57 for a 4-Piece set.

Below are some of the main features of the Cosy House Collection’s Bamboo Bed Sheet Set from their website:

Maximum Comfort

When looking for new bedding your no.1 concern should be how comfortable it is. Our Bamboo Bedding was crafted with the sole purpose of being soft & comfortable!

The fibers in our bedsheets are spun incredibly fine which give them an extra soft finish for a perfect night's sleep! Some of our boast that they feel comparable to silk or cashmere fabric.

Temperature Regulating

A huge benefit to Bamboo bedding is it’s moisture-wicking abilities. They help to reduce the presence of humidity in your bed by eliminating humidity, our bamboo bed sheets can keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Bamboo bed sheets are the only bed sheets that adjust to your body’s temperature needs for a good night's sleep!

This makes our sheets a perfect option for pregnancy or people who suffer from Night sweats or are going through Menopause!

Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

Our bed sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Our Sheets help to reduce allergies because they reduce the amount of moisture in your bed which discourages one of the primary triggers of allergies, dust mites, from living in your bed.


These advantages are fantastic if you have children since they are more sensitive to allergies and diseases than adults. To improve the health of your children, swap out their bedding for twin size bamboo sheets.


Price aside, the look and feel are what really sells you on these sheets, they are simple, clean and timeless.

I’m also happy to report after a few weeks of use and a few washes in, they are holding up wonderfully, and if I’m not 100% crazy, I think they are getting even softer with every wash!

After talking with the owners for this article, their business practices really sit right with me. “We don’t do retail, we don’t pay middlemen, we distribute ourselves and we’re putting the bulk of our money into the quality of the product. Typically companies have this completely backward, with cheap products and expensive retail / marketing which is why we have so many sub-par products out there.”.

If you’re in need of new sheets, or your current sheets could stand an upgrade (and they probably can), head on over to Cosy House Collection and have a look. They offer their bedding sets in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and even Split King for those new dual adjustable beds. (If you own one of these, you know just how hard it can be to find sheets for this mattress).

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