10 Incredible Facts About Pandas

10 Incredible Facts About Pandas

Did you know that March 16th is National Panda Day? That’s right, a whole day to celebrate the world’s favorite black and white bear. Though people around the world recognize and adore pandas, many don’t know anything about their lives. We’re going to share 10 Incredible Facts About The Giant Panda!

Pandas spend most of their time eating and sleeping

If you plan to visit pandas in a zoo, you’ll have to get up extra early in the morning to see them roaming around. Pandas spend the majority of their time each day sleeping and eating. In fact, pandas eat consistently for 10-16 hours per day and sleep for 2-4 hours at a time. 

Their favorite food is bamboo

You’ve most likely read and maybe even seen that pandas love to eat bamboo. Even though they are omnivores (able to consume both vegetation and meat), bamboo is their favorite food. Pandas can consume anywhere between 26-83lbs of bamboo per day.  They have an extra digit on their paws and strong teeth that allow them to tear and crush the bamboo. Their throats even have a lining that prevents splinters from poking them. 

Never fear, bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet! There's more than enough for both people and pandas.

Pandas sometimes do handstands when they potty

Just like dogs, cats, and other animals, peeing is a form of marking territory, letting other animals know that an area is claimed. In order to place their scent in a higher spot, pandas will sometimes back their legs up a tree until they’re vertical. 

Pandas are masters of camouflage

You may think that a panda’s black and white fur pattern makes it easy to spot. That may be the case to us, but in a panda’s natural habitat of the snowy Chinese countryside, these colors are the perfect camouflage. With the majority of their body covered in white fur, they can hide in the snow. Their dark arms and legs allow them to hide in the shade. 

Giant Pandas are...giant

The nickname “Giant Panda” isn’t a misnomer. A full-sized adult panda can weigh over 220-350lbs and grow as large as 6 feet tall. 

Pandas existed over 2 million years ago

Scientists and archaeologists have uncovered panda fossils in China. They are one of the few indigenous species to China that was not hunted for traditional medicine usage.  

Pandas do not hibernate

You probably learned in elementary school that bears are one of the few animals that go into hibernation during the winter months. Pandas are the exception to the rule. Since the main diet of bamboo has a low nutritional value, they must constantly eat to keep up their energy levels. Hence the 10-16 hour eating period!

Pandas start their life pink

Did you know that these adorable creatures aren’t born with their iconic black and white coloring? That’s right! Baby pandas come out of their mothers hair-less and pink. Their fur doesn’t come through until the third week of their life. In addition, they are virtually helpless when born blind. For the first month, mama pandas have constant care and contact with their babies in order to protect them. 

Pandas are antisocial

Most animals are incredibly social creatures, but pandas are the exact opposite. They enjoy their alone time and even use the acute sense of smell to detect other pandas and stay away from them. Breeding is the only time you will see pandas actively searching each other out. 

Pandas are no longer endangered

The Giant Panda has been the face of the World Wildlife Fund, a wildlife conservation organization, since 1961. However, they did not end up on the endangered species list until 1984. Through funding and conservation efforts, pandas have shed their endangered title and are slowly working their way back down the threatened species list.

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