How to Manage Pet Allergies in the Home

How to Manage Pet Allergies in the Home

According to recent studies, around 62% of UK households own pets. This level of pet ownership is largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, with people wanting company while spending more and more time at home. However, new pet owners may not realize that common allergies can ruin the feeling of comfort provided by their new companions. 

You’ve heard it all: “don’t let your pets on the bed,” “don’t let your pets on the couch,” even “don’t let your pet inside the house.” But how can you ever say no to them? 

Each person can have a different allergic reaction to their pet, whether it be caused by the pet’s hair, or even by their saliva. Common allergy symptoms include: 

  • Asthma
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Hives
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea 

Even if you avoid cuddling your pet and bringing them into bed– which let’s face it, it’s extremely hard– you might not be able to keep your allergies at bay. Keep reading to find out how to minimize your allergies while still spending time with your pet!


Clean your home often

    As most pet owners know, pets shed a lot of fur– a lot. It is an unavoidable reality that we often cast aside over our love for our pets (unless you have a hypoallergenic dog, i.e. Schnauzers). However, if your pet allergies are making it impossible to be inside your house, maybe consider updating your cleaning routine.

    Take note, this does not mean keeping your home organized, but instead deep cleaning with supplies and solutions. Instead of sweeping and moping once a week, update your routine to twice a week. Additionally, make sure to clean what is not-so-visible around the house, such as air filters and vacuuming carpeted areas. This way, you can avoid excessive undesirable buildup and fur from making its way into your nose. 

    Pet Upkeep 

      Although it is not recommended to wash your pets too often, you should be bathing them depending on their level of activity and outside factors. For instance, if your pet loves going outside, you could try bathing them once every two weeks to keep the dirt to a minimum. However, if your pet loves staying inside and relaxing with you in front of the television, they may only need a bath once every month or two. If you do decide to bathe away the dander, make sure to use a safe shampoo recommended by a veterinarian.

      Even though bathing varies for every pet, brushing their hair and wiping their paws should be a consistent activity for all pets. Depending on their coat, pets tend to hold dirt, pollen, and other undesirable buildup in their hair and paws. To keep these things from entering your home, and your nose, brush them regularly and stop the problem at its root. 

      Consult Your Doctor

      If you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep your pet and home free of allergens and you’re not seeing results, it may be time for you to consult your doctor. Often times you may not be allergic to your pet, but rather of its dander, fur, or allergens found in the skin or saliva, which are then transferred to your pet’s hair. 

      To find out what is causing your allergies and find the best treatment solution, you may want to consult your doctor. They will help identify whether the symptoms are nasal or respiratory, as well as which treatment is best for you. Different forms of treatment include:

      • Nasal spray
      • Oral medication
      • Inhaled corticosteroids
      • Bronchodilators
      • Antihistamine drops 

      Bamboo hypoallergenic sheets

      We often love our pets too much to realize they’re bringing in dirt and hair into bed with us. The best and quickest solution is to keep our pets away from our beds, but we all know that is not going to happen. So how do we keep from allergies caused by our own four-legged friends? The answer is hypoallergenic Luxury Bamboo Sheets

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      Not only are you keeping allergens away, but you’re also getting better quality sleep. Wake up refreshed with a clearer nose, cleaner sheets, and your pets by your side. 

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      Maria Giovannetti Gil

      Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil