4 Ways to Say Goodbye To Frustrating Night Sweats

4 Ways to Say Goodbye To Frustrating Night Sweats

Summer nights may be the most fun, but not when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Despite only lasting a couple of months, the heat swarms your home, your own skin becomes unbearable, and your bed ceases to be a place of comfort. 

Not only are night sweats uncomfortable and icky, but they are also preventing you from getting the rest your body and mind need. So how exactly do you wake up from this nightmare without being drenched in sweat? More importantly, how can you get your sleep back?

Here are 4 ways to keep from getting cold sweats: 

1. Invest in a Fan

Seeing as it is rarely hotter than 20°C during the English summer, purchasing an air con unit is not worth the price. However, on the occasion of a heat wave, action has to be taken. When summer temperatures reach as high as 35°C, a fan is the perfect solution. Not only is a fan more affordable, but it is also easy to store once the summer months have left and the cold weather picks up again. 


2. Get Temperature Regulating Sheets

Believe it or not, you might be sweating because of your bed sheet material. Cotton sheets do not tend to stay cool, which is why bamboo sheets are the way to go. Cosy House’s Luxury Bed Sheets provide fabric made with bamboo viscose blend, making it extremely breathable and lightweight. These sheets carry thermal-regulating properties, helping you balance your body temperature during the night. 

Not only are these sheets temperature-regulating, but their ultra-soft material allows for them to resist wrinkles and common non-living allergens. Perfect throughout the entire year! 

3. Avoid Spicy Foods, Coffee, and Alcohol Before Bed

Research has shown that consuming spicy foods, coffee, and alcohol before bed can not only increase the body temperature, but reduce the quality of sleep. A study conducted in Australia demonstrated that after eating spicy food, people tended to experience less sleep overall and take longer to fall asleep in the first place [1]. 

Similarly, caffeine not only increases body temperature, but also blood pressure. It is not recommended to drink coffee less than six hours before going to sleep. Caffeine can affect sleep through anxiety, insomnia, and headaches, which may often lead to sweat [2]. 

Lastly, consuming alcohol before bed can lead to restless sleep and night sweats. Alcohol affects the nervous system in a way that makes it difficult to regulate its functions, such as body temperature and blood pressure, to name a couple [3]. Therefore, avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol might help you to avoid night sweats. 

spicy food

4. See Your Doctor

In case you have attempted everything and you are still experiencing night sweats, we recommend you see a doctor. Night sweats can also be caused by underlying medical conditions, such as the following [4]:

  • Menopause 
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Underlying Infections

Talk to your doctor to discover which treatment is best for you. 

By following these four recommendations, your night sweats may be a thing of the past. And with Cosy House’s Luxury Bed Sheets, you can not only avoid night sweats during the summer, but stay cool all year long. 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil