Why You Need A Down Alternative Comforter

Why You Need A Down Alternative Comforter

Comforters are a favorite staple of any bedroom. They’re the perfect place to sleep due to their naturally soft and cozy nature. But is your comforter fitting your needs? Down comforters are often held as the pinnacle of comfort, but have several cons that make them a controversial choice.

That being said, to better explain why you should switch to a down alternative comforter, we must first explain what a down comforter is.

Down Comforter

A down comforter is made with the down feathers from a bird, typically goose or duck. These feathers are the soft and fine, tucked safely beneath the harder exterior feathers. It’s this filling that determines the quality, comfort, and breathability of the comforter. These comforters are incredibly plush and warm, while being breathable and durable. However, they don’t come without their own set of problems that are worth keeping in mind when in the buying stage.

First, and most importantly, a down comforter can come at an extremely high cost. A quick google search will yield results at over $100. Even when you find ones that are lower, they tend to not have the raved about quality that the pricier versions have.

Second, the down itself can be a nightmare for anyone with allergies. These comforters are made from real feathers, so the potential for allergic reaction is high. Allergies or not, down feathers are also notorious for poking through the fabric and pricking unsuspecting users. Not exactly the experience you were looking for when snuggling within the folds of a blanket.

Last, they are not machine washable. This can be a major deal breaker for many individuals, and we get it. It’s hard to make that kind of financial investment in an item when it can’t even be washed with your other bedding. The solution to this is to use a duvet cover to mitigate stains, which can also be a large investment.

Down Alternative Comforter

A down alternative comforter is filled with a synthetic material which acts as an insulator in place of the down feathers. For example, the Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Down Alternative Comforter is stuffed with a polyester fill, which mimics the feel of down with an increased breathability from the bamboo blend fabric. It is also hypoallergenic since it doesn’t incorporate down feathers. You can say goodbye to being poked in your sleep!


Down alternative comforters will usually be much cheaper, as well. The Cosy House Collection comforter that we mentioned previously is under $70, sometimes even lower. You also don’t have the added cost of a duvet cover because this comforter can be machine washed. We still recommend following the instructions on any bedding that you purchase, but most down alternative options allow for machine washing.

Should you switch?

Now for the real question: Should you switch to down alternative? That answer depends on your circumstances. While down comforters are certainly a wonderful investment, we believe that the cons outweigh the pros. Down alternative comforters are cheaper, easier to care for, and don’t cause harm to the users. While the decision is yours, we think the choice is clear and in favor of down alternative comforters.

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