Feng Shui: Designing the Perfect Room

When designing a new space, whether it be a bedroom, living room, or other, it can be difficult to find a color that speaks to you. Should you go with teal blue? Mint green? Pepto pink? Before you raid the paint aisle at your local hardware store, we want to introduce you to a great tool for deciding what color to choose. 

Feng Shui is the practice of organizing your space for optimal happiness, peace, and harmony. It originated in China over 6,000 years ago and is still in use today. So, before you pick up that paintbrush, read this guide to colors and their Feng Shui meanings!



Red is considered a stimulating color. It represents fire, passion, bold and daring energy. It’s said to be incredibly lucky. However, if you are a sufferer of anxiety or insomnia, this may be a bedroom color to avoid due to its intensity. 



Orange is an incredibly playful color. It’s considered social and promotes happiness and a sense of joy. It’s quite creative and is a great choice for anyone looking to bring some fun-loving energy into their life. That being said, if you are looking to make your space calm and quiet, avoid this color. 



Looking to bring uplifting energy into your space? Yellow is the color you need. It’s powerful and cheerful, which can be stimulating for both your mind and body. If you’re looking to destress, yellow may not be the color for you. 



It’s no wonder pink is one of the main colors of Valentine’s Day. It signifies unconditional love and partnership. This is a very peaceful, caring color that can be romantic if you let it. If you’re looking for something stronger, and more assertive, pink will be too soft for your needs. 



“New beginnings” is the basis of the color green. Think about bringing growth, healing, and balance into your life. This color is an incredible addition to any room due to its prosperous vibes. 



Blue is the perfect color to bring peace and spirituality into your life. Communication is also signified by the color blue. If you’re looking to better your communication, this is the color for you. Though, blue should be avoided if you’re prone to sadness or loneliness. 



The color of royalty for centuries, purple is a rich, deep color, signifying wisdom and prosperity. If you’re feeling more lively and or in tune with the Earth, this may not be the right color for you. 



Black is the color of reflection and introspection. It’s a very protective color, so beware of its use if your goal is self-expression. 



Purity and innocence is the name of the game with the color white. This is a cleansing color, so think clean, light, and free energy. It can be a fairly overwhelming color, so keep that in mind as you design your room. 



Similar to green, brown is rooted in the earth, full of nurturing energy. It can be a very confining color, so it may not be suitable for those looking to expand and work into the vastness of the world. 

Now that you have a better understanding of how color can affect your life, you can more easily determine what kind of vibe you want your room to have. If you’re looking to incorporate your favorite colors more subtly, be sure to check out our Cosy House 1500 Series bedding sets. They come in 32 colors and patterns, so there’s something for everyone!

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